Wednesday, 26 November 2008

I missed it

Yesterday was our wedding anniversary and the wife didn't want to spend it at the start of the Turner Centre so I missed it. But had a jolly nice day with out it . I tuned in to the late news expecting to see a big ceremony but all I got was 15 seconds mention. I never saw the early news was it on then ? Off in search of caffiene look back later


  1. I never saw it either, but I walked past there today & workman were busy putting up high fencing all around the site, so it looks like things are last!!!

    I hope they refurbish or knock down that crumbling home for pidgeons (I believe it was once a hotel) before the grand opening...

  2. Probably wont knock it down but do it up would be good the places they done in Cliftonville were long overdue ....right off to bed got a group at church tonght cya


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