Thursday, 23 October 2014

Skiffle for Change Mental Health Event TC Margate

Skiffle for Change are proud to be holding an event at the fantastic Turner Contemporary in Margate.
This is a unique opportunity to enjoy a two hour interactive session bringing music and art together to break down stigma and discrimination around mental health.
The event itself involves attendees taking part in a music workshop, 1 to 1 conversations with people with lived experience of mental health issues, a mental health workshop, and tea and cakes!
The Turner Contemporary offers a stimulating and beautiful venue and is sure to add a new dimension to the experience.
The event is limited to 40 attendees and registration is open now. skiffle for changewebsite

Ramsgate on BBC Homes Under The Hammer

I watch BBC Homes Under The Hammer most days it is one of my morning rituals, well today they showed Ramsgate King Street. A couple of guys bought a derelict site ond eventually built two wonderful town houses. I say eventually because planning took them over two years. Now I dont pretend to know the details and I expect TDC's planning department have a rock solid alibi asto why planning took that long but my first thoughts on it was that is BAD. Any developer watching that programme this morning will have thought sod that I will build elsewhere.
We are at the end of one of the worst recessions in the last 100 years and TDC's planning department were not busy yet they took two years to sort out what they would and would not accept. COME ON GUYS. One man with a typewriter  and pigeon post would have been faster. We  pay TDC to act responsibly on our behalf and I must say I dont think they do a very good job in many areas but this on National Television was not showing Thanet in a good light.

Sunday, 19 October 2014

Ukip or Greens for Thanet South

It seems the Green Party fancy their chances in next year's General Election. They are going to church everything including the kitchen sink at certain seats mainly ones that had Liberal candidates in the last election but don't be surprised if Nigel Farrage has to run against a Green candidate who has his full green party support. Personally I don't see Labour or Conservative throwing much up against Farrage, I just hope Thanet South voters don't vote Ukip. I would love to see Farrage fail to get into parliament. I would love to see Mark Reckless fall flat on his face at Rochester but then I am vehement in my opposition to Skip, I just hope the electorate see through Ukip the same way as I do.

Friday, 17 October 2014

Rogue Councillor chased and ebola scare

The two incidence' s are not connected but both in Thanet this week. It was reported that a man attended the QEQM HOSPITAL feeling unwell after returning from West Africa. He has been found to be fine after test for Ebola proved negative.
In a separate story in the Rogue Councillor Ian Driver yes the one who has been affiliated to more political parties than a rainbow has colours has been chased by council security after creating another stunt to gain fifteen minutes of fame read about it here

Thursday, 16 October 2014

Sand Art on Ramsgate Main Sands

Crowds watch as Ross races against the clock

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Waiting for the tide to go out before starting

I see Ross Andrews has been busy again. Another race against the tide on Ramsgates main sands. Ross is passionate about promoting Thanets beaches and can often be seen on the sands, he recently was onthe BBC local news showing Margates wonderful beaches near the Turner Contemporary art gallery CLICK HERE
Find more of his works via his website