Saturday, 25 June 2016


I am always telling people about the joys of twitter and here is another super Thanet Event I discovered via Twitter. Ramsgate is to host an International Film and TV Festival. Thanet has become the go to area for film and TV and we have our own Thanet Film Service at the council to help and encourage directors to our marvelous Isle. The first Ramsgate International Film and TV Festival  has events in the coming year . Visit their website or find them as I did via social media on twitter or Facebook.

So get behind this what will be a super festival and promote Thanet's first RAMSGATE INTERNATIONAL FILM & TV FESTIVAL

Friday, 24 June 2016

Armed Forces Day Parade & Drumhead service Ramsgate Royal Harbour

Found this on Twitter check out details on the  Ramsgate Town Website
Armed Forces Day Parade & Drumhead service, Saturday 25 June starting at the Sailors Church, 12noon


Thursday, 23 June 2016

FREE squash for all. Thanet Squash Club

I always try and promote local stuff and here is something I found out about via Twitter:-

9th July - Open Day - FREE squash for all. Equipment and Refreshments provided. Please RT.

Read the leaflet to save me typing everything out. This hot weather is exhausting me.

 An ideal taster to find out about squash, I used to love a game and always came off exhausted and enjoyed a pint afterwards. Head on down and give squash a try.



Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Local Charity Beach Within Reach Donations Needed Now

I as some of you will know am a wheelchair user and as such now what it is like to sit and look on as others do stuff that I used to do and wish I could still do them. I am never going to climb a ladder to fix someones leaky roof again but thanks to a local charity I can still enjoy some family time with friends and family on some of Thanets super beaches. I  have used the beach wheelchairs and can say they work and I have been able to join in things that otherwise I would have been excluded. Now to the nub of this post and it is about the Elephant in the room MONEY. Everything revolves around money and BEACH within REACH are just a small local charity fighting alongside all of the other small charities for the pound in your pocket.  To save me the effort of typing details of how you can donate I have copied this from their website.:-

Beach within Reach – RCN 1119672

The easiest way to donate is via our TextGiving number, you can donate by texting
BINR14 £2 to  70070
Or if you wish to donate more you can text BINR14 £5 or BINR14 £10 to 70070
If you require any further information please call or text us on: 07432 648275
You can also contact us via our facebook page
We are also on Twitter:

Here is me on the sands at Westbrook
me joining in with the fun
me arriving for a beach hut day

Sunday, 19 June 2016

Margate Harbour sunset and added bonus of a seal

I had been stuck indoors all day so as the sun was heading towards the horizon Heather suggested a quick ride to see the sunset. We ended up at Margate Harbour and she got  the camera and stood on the sea wall watching the sunset. We were in the disabled spaces at the Turner Contemporary car park and I sat in the car its such a phaf getting the wheelchair out for a few minutes. Heather managed to get the clouds that look like a crocodile and the sun as it slipped away. then an unexpected bonus there was a seal playing in the surf. I have yet to see one but several members of my family are getting sightings of seals around the Thanet coast. From Margate round to Pegwell bay everyone is seeing seals but me no I am stuck sat in  the car/wheelchair. I am not moaning I am jealous and I dont do jealousy but I WANT TO SEE A SEAL. Heather got a couple of pictures not great but enough to make me more determined to see some of Thanets Seal population this year even if it is via the Seal Watching trips from Ramsgate Harbour.