Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Honitons Christmas Trees Cliftonville Margate

Another Christmas tree post Ross has put some pictures on Honitons Christmas Trees Facebook Site So if you are looking for a real Nordman fir low drop first quality tree head up to Harold Road in Cliftonville Forecourt of St. Georges Garage 

4us2 is a charity supporting Disabled Children across Thanet and East Kent

We're a parent-driven charity supporting disabled children & their families across East Kent, with bases in Margate & Sittingbourne
Margate, England
from the website:-
Music Makers’ has been developed for children with additional needs from a programme developed by Pie Factory Music.  It involves singing along to nursery rhymes and songs using actions, Makaton, puppets and other props to engage young children.  It is designed to help young children develop speech, language and communication abilities and to enable parents to develop their skills and knowledge in supporting this. Join us for fun, friendly and relaxed sing and sign sessions every Wednesday from 11th January for 8 weeks. The eight week course costs £24.
Booking is essential. To find out more and to book, please contact Victoria@4us2.org or phone 01843 446030

Monday, 28 November 2016

Christmas trees in Cliftonville Margate Thanet

Is it really that time of year again. Christmas trees are on everyone's shopping list and real trees always look so good. I was in a garden centre in Ramsgate last week and my wife tried to convince me that an artificial tree costing over ONE HUNDRED & TWENTY POUNDS looked good. She failed it looked artificial! My son in law is once again selling real trees from the forecourt of Saint George's garage in Harold Road Cliftonville. The trees are the non drop variety (is there such a thing) and to me are so much better than the small needle variety which should be called lots of drop or the needle loss and still find them in July type.
I am biased so you pays your money and takes your choice. But if you want a good quality real tree and be able to choose from a great selection have it netted and also have it delivered in Thanet pop in and see Ross before they all go.

Sunday, 27 November 2016

Painting is my new hobby

I am no longer spending my days bored and searching the world wide web I have been bought a set of water colour paints and I am spending time daubing paint onto paper. I hasten to add I am a rubbish painter, my attempts so far don't even qualify as awful they are fare worse than that but,there is always a but I am enjoying. Doodling with paint!! Yes it is a time wasting exerciser but one that is enjoyable. I suffer from hand tremors so painting is useful as therapy. Multiple sclerosis often manifests itself as spasms in suffers  and I am no different I have often ended up wearing a cup of coffee or seen my food head off across the room. Painting seems to be helping on that front and it is great to be trying something new.

Power of women Thanet POW 2017

After the fantastic success of POW THANET 2016 plans are underway for 2017 this lunch is a fundraiser and fun time. POWER OF WOMEN THANET WEBSITE