Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Thanet Coastline beaches full of Visitors

We have just been out to get some fuel for the car and a drive around Thanets wonderful coast line. Everytime the beach came into view the sand was covered with holiday makers enjoying the sunshine. Children were in the water and lots of people will be returning home tonight nursing sunburned bodies. As it is Half Term from school it has meant beach breaks for many and Thanets sandy beaches and bays are always popular with visitors and locals alike. Give a child a stretch of sand and they amuse themselves. Our daughter popped in with our youngest Grandson to see how  the Broad beans are growing and he told me they had been on the slides on Margate Main Sands and had lunch at the Cupcake Cafe in Margates Old Town before heading for the Grayson Perry exhibition at Margates Turner Contemporary. Unfortunately due to time restraints they didn't  make it inside (the curse of the mobile phone) but our daughter will make it next week with me. The Broad beans are growing fast and will soon out grow their homes and need a grow bag.

Made of Margate Haeckels Seaweed Block

Haeckels Made of Margate Products are as they say on the label Made of Margate. The ingredients are locally sourced. Dom Bridges the owner creator of Haeckels prides himself on his love for Margate and its beaches. He has one of only two licenses in the whole of the United Kingdom  to harvest seaweed and he gathers local seaweed as a basis for his  hand made range of Made of Margate skin care products. Seaweed is gathered from local beaches and transformed in his Cliftonville laboratory  just a few hundred feet from the beach which it overlooks. In his clifftop home and laboratory the magic of transforming the gifts of the ocean is undertaken.
For Christmas I was given a block of Haeckels Exfoliating Seaweed Soap. On the Haeckels website The soap is described as This luxurious hydrating and moisture rich soap leaves the entire body feeling smooth. I would describe it as fantastic. Heather my wife used it for the first time and has been raving about its wonder smell and how it has made her skin feel glowing and soft after her shower. Having used it myself I can say she is right it has a wonderful slight perfume and its exfoliating qualities on a long lasting patch of dry skin have been fantastic.
 for Beach harvested seaweed skin care and wild fragrances made from locally hand harvested Margate ingredients visit Haeckels / 18 Cliff Terrace Margate CT9 1RU

you can view the sea from the shop and laboratory

Thursday, 21 May 2015

Dunkirk Operation Dynamo Small Boats commemortate Anniversary

Every five years The Association of Dunkirk Little Ships gets together to sail from Ramsgate over to Dunkirk as a mark of remembrance of the evacuation which rescued over 300,000 troops from the beaches of Dunkirk. Earlier today a small flotilla left Ramsgate harbour  to give recognition to the hundreds of small boats that were involved seventy five years. I am not going to write much about the exploits of those brave boat owners other than to say their efforts made the war effort change and they shortened the length of the war.
Read more about todays flotilla on the BBC Website

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Grayson Perry exhibition at Margate's Turner Contemporary

Yep what a great Artist and the Turner has an exhibition Provincial Punk  from the 23rd of May for the summer. I am not going to write lots about Grayson many people who are far more eloquent than me have given praise or scorned him. But all I will say is Margate welcomes his work at a time when so much is being said about Perry's work. Read more here on the Visit Thanet website or the Turner Contemporary Website

Monday, 18 May 2015

Mary Berry at Botany Bay Broadstairs

Catch up TV is wonderful, I have missed so much television over the years because I cannot operate the video recorder. Some technology baffles me and now with the added hindrance of Multiple Sclerosis I stand no chance, even getting the remote control on the freedsat box to obey me is beyond my grasp. Tonight television was pretty dire so after watching stuff Heather had recorded we sat back to watch Merry Berry visiting Broadstairs and then onto Botany Bay to catch and cook some prawns. Before returning back to Broadstairs to visit Morrelis ice cream parlour to make a batch of gelato and then eat a nicker bocker glory overlooking  Broadstairs harbour. That is one view I will never tire of.