Monday, 27 February 2017

Ten portions of fruit and vegetables daily?

I have written about eating my five a day in the past if not on this blog one of my other's. Now the goal posts have been moved the new recommendations are that you aim for ten a day! I was watching the breakfast news a few days back and they were asking about people's consumption of fruit and vegetables, one chap when asked about fruit consumption said he never eats fresh fruit because he doesn't know how to prepare it. I was somewhat baffled by this. Fruit is a ready made snack! An Apple is ready packaged just pick one from the fruit bowl and bite into it for possibly the fastest food fix ever. Fast food from McDonald's is positively slow by comparison and you will have eaten your apple before they have taken your Big Mac order.
But even though I am a firm believer of eating my five a day I think I will struggle with ten a day. This morning I had dried apricot on my porridge during the morning I grazed on grapes, we always have a bunch of grapes on the go. I then ate an apple all before lunch then things went a bit slow tomato soup I have just checked counts towards your five a day and salad for tea. Five portions but five portions short of the new recommendations! So if I am struggling how is the guy who never buys fresh fruit because he cannot prepare it. Maybe he will go from zero to five but I am going to struggle to increase my fruit and veg intake.
Note to self ; must try harder

Friday, 24 February 2017

Broadstairs Albion Hotel

I love Broadstairs, the whole thing, the whole place is great! Thanet is wonderful, I love it here, Margate is where I live and have done for more years than I care to remember but Broadstairs is wonderful in a different way. I can remember taking our son on a day trip to Broadstairs by train. He had never been on a train and he must have been three or four and we did the whole day tripper thing swimming and sand castles cafe lunch. He was to young to remember it but he loved the train journey I can remember that.
Earlier this week Heather's aunt and uncle came for a day trip, they live in West Sussex. They wanted to take us out for lunch and we all headed over to Broadstairs and settled on the Albion Hotel. We like it there and now so do Heathers aunt and uncle. Prawn sandwiches all round garnished with a nice bit of salad and the prawns were dressed in crab mayonnaise. Delicious and washed down with a pint.
My electric wheelchair got in easily and negotiating the route visuals OK, a little tite but manageable and the service was first class. All in all a great day out by the seaside but no sandcastles.

Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Young Female Performers Programme Power of Women POWTHANET

Last year's POWthanet program was a fantastic success and this year it promises to be bigger and better. Check out the website POWER OF WOMEN THANET
Events are at different locations across Thanet so something for everyone or even everything for someone. I love the work Pie Factory does in Thanet and they are presenting workshops for Young Female Performers check out the details on the Pie Factory Music website 
The Ballroom at Dreamland will host the finale

Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Garden birds

I am not feeling the full ticket, I had a blocked catheter on Friday and it has messed with my MS and I have been in bed ever since. Well today I am downstairs sitting in the wheelchair watching the birds on the garden feeders, I have a pair of Parakeets gorging themselves on sunflower hearts and directly below them are two pigeons fighting of the the spilt seed. It was quiet comical but as is often the way with feeding birds something has spooked them  and they have flown off. I still have a Blue Tit and a couple of Coal Tits in the tree. It wont be long before the birds start pairing up and searching out suitable nesting locations. I have a terrace of nest boxes three separate homes in one box. I put it up hoping to attract Sparrows  but over the years it has had several families of tits nest but never once has a Sparrow even glanced at it, the best laid plans and all that. Well it seems all of the birds have gone so I am heading off to, I can feel an afternoon nap coming on.

Saturday, 4 February 2017

Relocation Relocation Relocation to Thanet

I know it is a play on words of the name of a famous TV show but Thanet is proving to be a magnet for people relocating to the coast. I did it thirty five years ago when we moved to Ramsgate and as most people know we are now the other side of the island in Margate. I love it here in Thanet our kids have grown up here we have had a beach hut at Westbrook for more years than I care to remember, I struggle to get onto the sands nowadays wheelchairs dont like sand, yes I know most of our beaches have specialist beach wheelchairs but I can no longer get out of my wheelchair and into the Beach in reach chairs my body just won't work. Thanet has so many sandy beaches to explore and when I was mobile before my caved in to Multiple Sclerosis I used to have so much beach based fun and I still enjoy going to the beach, I just don't build sandcastles anymore.
Property prices  here in Thanet  are so much less expensive than other areas in the South East and many many people have moved here from London and invested into the area. I was always in favour of the Turner Contemporary and its effect on the area has been enormous. There has been so much investment into Thanet with the TC being in the vanguard. Loads of page inches has been written by journalists and  magazines have written about the area in glowing terms I myself have always tried to show this little corner in a good light and I must admit when it comes to the way the council conducts itself that has not always been possible. I try not to write about the rights and wrongs of local governance,  where ever you live local authorities are always seen in a bad light at some point and Thanet is no different. Many shops will be closing up and down the country when the Business Rate changes come into effect later this year and with any businesses looking to relocate I can say the place I call home is open and welcoming.
A few years back I can remember Mary Portas being called into try and breathe new life into the area. Now people must be wondering why because Thanet is thriving, yes we have our problems but as I mentioned so do most areas no matter where you look in the country. Margate is where I call home and if you are thinking of relocation you could call this wonderful area your home too!

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