Monday, 26 January 2015

Garden Birds

On Sunday Morning I spent a pleasant hour watching my garden birds for the RSPB Big Garden Bird Watch. Heather was out  and I sat at the window overlooking the garden. All the feeders had been filled the previous day and it wasn't long before the first visitors arrived. I had Parakeets Sparrows Starlings and many more. In total thirteen species and a total of thirty nine birds I am sure the RSPB will make use of the data even if it is only to send me special offers from their range of gifts in the online shop. I can remember as a child being fascinated by our feathered friends and I had an Observers Book of birds
I still have a copy somewhere the original was so well thumbed it fell apart years ago. Nature has been a fascination of mine all my life,  wildlife programs are a must view on TV and over the years I have had much pleasure simply sitting and watching the natural world. Now my joy is gained from just sitting at and watching the birds.

Saturday, 24 January 2015

Save Margate's historic Fort Road Hotel PETITION

 Fort Hill Hotel occupies one of the most prominent spots above Margate Harbour 
and all TDC can come up with is demolish and build new social housing and that 
smacks of lack of imagination
Sign the petion and tell TDC that you want better.
Please don't demolish the historic seafront Fort Road Hotel in Margate and replace 
with social housing flats. Please continue to pursue your previous stated aim of seeking 
to restore the building as a hotel.

Why is this important?

It's important because according to your own report in 2011:'The Fort Road Hotel (previously 
the Fort Castle Public House) is one of the last surviving buildings in– the area today that the 
artist JMW Turner would recognise. Turner spent fifteen years ‘weekending’ in Margate with 
Sophia Booth (whose house was opposite) and, as a noted drinker, it seems inconceivable 
that he did not visit the establishment.
The hotel also benefits from a fantastic position, facing the sea, overlooking (and overlooked 
by) the gallery. The two buildings sharen the same privileged view of Margate’s sunsets, that 
Turner declared “the loveliest in Europe”. These associations with Turner (historically with the 
artist and now with the gallery) give the Fort Road Hotel potentially iconic status.
Furthermore, the building is well situated on the main coastal route in and out of Margate, 
within close proximity of the harbour area; the Old Town; and Margate High Street.'
The hotel is in a prime seafront location. It's one of Margate's oldest historic hotel buildings. 
This building restored as a hotel will create badly needed jobs in a deprived area and be a 
place to be proud of with a great history for visitors to enjoy.
 This building restored as a hotel will create badly needed jobs
in a deprived area and be a place to be proud of with a great history for visitors to enjoy.

Save Margate's historic Fort Road Hotel

Friday, 23 January 2015

Plans for Margates Thanet Press site drawn up

Thanet Press site in Union Cresent is a sorry looking place but if plans drawn up by Margate Design Collective are accepted the site will be transformed. I have no idea who is behind Margate Design Collective are (I tried phoning them but number not working not a good sign)but the picture in the Thanet Gazette looks wonderful. My Father-in-law worked at Thanet Press for years so I would rather the site be restored as I have an emotional connection plus I dont think ripping the place down and plonking dozens of heartless flats in there will do anything for Margate. 
If the photo I pinched off the Thanet Gazette website  is anything to go by the plans are a boost to Margate not just bunging more flats into the Terrace.
I will write more on this as I can get the information  I have just been speaking to a person who worked there and I know more about the past than the future. What concerns me is that the design collective are not even on the phone.

Thursday, 22 January 2015

Big Garden Watch this weekend

I have been busy tweeting and blogging about the RSPB Big Garden Bird Watch for the last week or more. Well this may well be the last blog post about it because on Saturday I will be busy watching the birds from the comfort of my dinning room. The RSPB do great work to protect the feathered visitors to our gardens and I can use this space to advertise membership of the wonderful RSPB CLICK HERE FOR MEMBERSHIP DETAILS or check details of birds you may not be able to identify you can also purchase many items from Binoculars to Bird Food and Nest Boxes to Nuts click here for the RSPB Shop Pages   
Birds Give so much pleasure spend an hour and give a little back to help their future

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