Friday, 19 May 2017

Dreamland Margate Window Restoration

I originally saw this on the Thanet District Council website and thought lets show it to the world how the Dreamland restoration is coming along.

Thursday, 18 May 2017

Have your say on proposed new parking schemes from Thanet District Council Website

A 28 day period for comment on phase one of the council’s proposed new parking schemes is open until 6 June 2017.
Comments can be submitted to Elements of the proposals will also be presented to the council’s Joint Transportation Board at their next meeting, currently scheduled for 22 June 2017.
A formal statutory consultation on the proposed phase one scheme will then take place and the feedback will be considered before a final decision by Cabinet is made.
The schemes are being proposed to help meet income generation targets and positively impact on parking issues in the district. More information is available on the parking schemes and their locations.
There are currently five off-street car parking areas that are free of charge. Changing these to pay and display with an hourly charge, in line with other areas, will help the council achieve a balanced budget amidst the £2m reduction in central government funding and help it meet its 2017/2018 income generation targets.
Leopold Street multi-storey, Mill Lane multi-storey, Harold Road car park and Vere Road car park will remain free on Saturdays. Due to popular demand, the Mill Lane multi-storey car park in Margate has extended its opening hours to 11:30pm during the summer months *.
There are also a number of on-street parking areas around the district where the council is proposing a resident parking scheme/pay and display zones. Charging ensures that on street spaces turn-over at an appropriate rate as motorists need to return to their vehicle at set times. Additional income generated will be used to help maintain our current parking stock and ensure we can invest in future technological solutions like automated number plate registrations car park entry, solar power ticket machines and smart parking signs.
These proposals, which include marking out parking bays in priority areas, will help address the issues of inconsiderate parking for residents, improve pedestrian safety and encourage traffic flow. The proposals will allow for disabled badge holders to park within any pay and display bay by using their blue badge.
*Summer months are from 1st April to 31st September
Further information
  • There have been no significant parking price rises since 2009 in Thanet.
  • Parking charges increased by on average 20p her hour from 1 April 2017, predominantly within town car parks. Where car parks have been increased by more than 20p her hour, daily rates have been strictly capped. The council has worked hard to protect resident’s permits and increases are primarily seasonal with efforts made to keep traffic flowing in summer months.
  • Parking enforcement is taken seriously with 17,000 tickets issued in 2016 compared to 12,500 in 2015. 

More news about the Broadstairs Chariots of Fire Charity Event Thursday 29th June

I have been in contact Anne to find out more about Broadstairs and the Chariots of fire connection and am delighted with this reply from Anne Ammundsen. 

The story of the Carlton Hotel and how it got its blue plaque!

A local historian, Barrie Wootton, had always been interested in Harold Abrahams, the 1924 Olympic 100 meters Gold winner, and knew that he had stayed at the Carlton Hotel in Broadstairs on his way to the Paris Olympic Games.  In 2011, the year before the London Olympic Games, he thought he would see if the Broadstairs and St. Peter’s Town Council would agree to a blue plaque being erected to commemorate the true life story which was depicted in the film, Chariots of Fire.

Life is never quite that simple or easy though, and so by the time Anne Ammundsen, the great-granddaughter of the builder of the hotel, in 1899 (John Teedum May) had arrived to live in Broadstairs in 2013, and had started to research her family history, Barrie was still working away at achieving his goal, which hadn’t materialised by 2012!

Anne joined forces with Barrie and together they worked their way through the provenance of the story (helped in that regard by a film-director friend of Anne’s in Hollywood, who just happened to know Lord Puttnam, the producer of the film, who assured Anne that the story of the athletes staying at the  Carlton Hotel was indeed absolutely true, as the letter in the film portrayed).   In order to take this one step further Anne contacted the Amateur Athletics Association to see if they knew how to get hold of the original of that very letter.

Enter Mike Fleet!  Mike spent a couple of years trying to track down that elusive letter - eventually establishing  that it was still with the screenwriter, Colin Welland.  He contacted Colin’s family who, sadly, were unable to put their hands on the letter as, by then, Colin Welland was suffering from dementia and soon afterwards died.  All these efforts were accepted by Broadstairs and St. Peter’s Town Council as sufficient evidence that the story was, indeed true.  The blue plaque was commissioned and installed in 2015.

Getting an official unveiling proved the next hurdle, but once more Mike Fleet came to Anne’s rescue (after the Town Council and the Broadstairs Society abandoned the idea) and this is now arranged for 29th June 2017 - but much more than that - Mike has ensured that it is now also a Re-Enactment of the iconic Beach Run from the film Chariots of Fire - in aid of charity. It is hoped that this will become an annual event on the sands in Broadstairs.  Let’s hope it is sufficiently successful to do so!  This is where you come in!- to ensure it is a great day out for one and all and one which raises lots of money for the dedicated charities!

For Anne it will be a personal tribute to her Great-Grandfather and Grandfather (together J.T. May & Son) who built the hotel as a place to live and a place to work for two unmarried daughters, Mabel and Ruth May.  These ladies were managing the hotel at the time the Olympians stayed there.  On 29th June Anne’s daughter, Nina, (the great-great-granddaughter of the builder) will be wearing Ruth’s platinum and diamond ring, most probably worn when the Olympians were at the hotel, and Anne will be wearing the diamond engagement ring of John Teedum’s daughter-in-law, Ellen Elizabeth May.  Anne hopes her family will be with her in spirit on the day and looking down proudly on what has been achieved to commemorate an incredible Olympics story which played out, in part, at their hotel.

By Anne Ammundsen

There is a Facebook page about the event Click Here