Thursday, 25 August 2016

Ramsgate Seaside Rocks Festival on now

Ramsgate like Margate is enjoying some what of a Renaissance. Hotels and hostelries throughout Thanet are enjoying an influx of visitors either trippers or staycationers (is there such a word). The world ha become somewhat jaded with attacks and disputes around the globe and many people have voted with their feet and decided to holiday at home, This blog has always promoted the many attributes of visiting Thanet. As a family we relocated here over thirty years ago and as an incomer I have enjoyed almost every minute and started the blog PromoteThanet to do just that let other people know about the joy of living here on the southeastern tip of Britain. The reason for todays post is the Ramsgate Seaside Rocks Festival.
When we first moved to Thanet as a family we set up home in Ramsgate and enjoyed the many activities the town had to offer and the reason for this blog post is the current festivity  Ramsgate Seaside Rocks Festival is typical of the fun to be had in and around the historic Royal Harbour area. A full itinerary is listed on the VISIT THANET WEBSITE so I wont recreate it here I am sure if you have read thus far you are interested enough to follow the link. I wish every success to the festival and am sure the visitors will enjoy their time in Thanet.

Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Hannah Clark Art tuition in Thanet

I have always wanted to paint, I don't mean doors and skirting boards I mean pictures of things flowers houses sea views and the like. Imagine how excited I was when I saw this on twitter:-

Yep one to one tuition in the art of watercolour painting. So a call to arms for all of you budding artists out there phone Hannah now and book some tuition. Check out her website and also find her on Twitter

Sunday, 21 August 2016

MargateBookie The first Margate Book Festival

The MargateBookie Book Festival has been a tremendous success and it is hoped Bookie will now become an Annual Margate Event.Follow them via twitter or the MargateBookie website and dont forget to like them on Facebook.

Authors have been reading from their books at various sites across the Margate and Cliftonville. 

Ramsgate Community Memory Orchard

Another twitter discovery the Ramsgate  Community Memory Orchard. I have never heard of the either but this is from the Facebook page they have :-
We are a local community group developing unloved and forgotten public land into dementia friendly spaces bearing organic fruit for all to taste and enjoy.

Ramsgate is an amazing town and we want to give something back to the people and its spaces. There is a disused and unloved spot on the cliff top next to the Courtstairs park and we would love to regenerate it by developing it into a community memory orchard.
This will contain fruit trees and bushes for people to enjoy fresh produce from. We also hope that people can find somewhere peaceful to hang hand written plaques in dedication to loved ones who are either living with or have died from dementia. The central bed will have fruit trees which people can hang written memories on which can be tied onto the trees.

I missed todays ROCK UP  AND SWAP DAY but here is a copy of the poster. Look out for more events