Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Electric cars are nothing new

 Taken from the Nissan Heritage website CLICK HERE

After the war oil was very scarce, but electricity was plentiful. For this reason, there was a period when the government promoted the manufacture of electric vehicles. With this encouragement, the "Tama" was introduced and earned a high reputation: in performance tests (conducted by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry) it succeeded in bettering its catalog specifications with a cruising range of 96.3km and a top speed of 35.2km/h. It was used as a taxi and in similar roles until 1950.

I also found a picture of a van on google



I knew about this and then forgot all about it so now I have remembered so it anyone would like to know more look on the WEBSITE CLICK HERE

Thanet Easter Great Eggcase and Scavenger Hunt!

From the  TDC website :-

Absorbing beach activities for the kids this Easter
This Easter break why not bring your children down to the beach to have some fun looking for shark egg cases and helping to create a marine masterpiece.
Three events aimed at the 4 - 11 year-old age group have been organised by the Thanet Coast Project with a mix of activity and creativity.
The seaside hunts for families to search for clues of our marine and coastal wildlife last for 45 minutes followed by another 45 minutes of ‘art-time’.
Events will take place on:
  • Tuesday 4 April, 11am at Margate Main Sands (CT9 1XN) - meet at the Coastal Community Beach Hut (opposite Arlington House)
  • Wednesday 5 April, 11am at Viking Bay, Broadstairs (CT10 1EU) - meet outside the old Broadstairs Harbour Master’s Office (opposite Tartar Frigate pub)
  • Thursday 6 April, 11am at Ramsgate Main Sands (CT11 8LP) - meet by the ‘Needle’ obelisk (opposite The Belgian Cafe)
Thanet District Council’s Director of Operational Services, Gavin Waite said:
“‘There is so much to explore along our coastline and these events provide a great chance for family groups to have a closer look to find clues of the sharks and rays and other marine creatures by just observing what gets washed ashore along our fantastic coastline.”
“Our Thanet coast is part of the ‘North East Kent Marine Protected Area’ (NEKMPA) which is important for wintering birds and the marine life associated with the chalk cliffs, caves, reefs and sandy bays.”
Activities are run by Thanet Coast Project volunteers with a suggested donation of £1 per person. Children must be accompanied by an adult.

Monday, 27 March 2017

Sport in Thanet YOU can because there is only ONE YOU

I have never belonged to a gym or done any keep fit regimes but  until I became ill with Multiple Sclerosis I like to think I was reasonably fit but now that fitness has been replaced by frustration. I can't walk and am in an electric wheelchair to get around, I do use a few weights but I am according to my children and grandchildren completely broken . Tonight my wife helped out our daughter by collecting and taking  two of our grandchildren to different sports activities. They do football jujitsu kick boxing and rugby and are always on the go. This got me to thinking about sport clubs here in Thanet. Take football, we have both Margate and Ramsgate football clubs and dozens of both junior football teams. Our son used to play football all over Kent his mum still moans about being a taxi service ferrying him to and fro matches. Our daughter's used to play both hockey and netball, in fact one still plays netball and often marks a lady still playing into her late sixties.
What I have mentioned are the things I have family experience of. But I know of countless other sporting activities via both Twitter and Facebook. Squash clubs golf clubs American Football team's ladies football cricket clubs baseball team's and the list goes on. The reason for this post is to get behind the ONE YOU NHS scheme to help people choose a healthy lifestyle. I just took the
ONE YOU QUIZ give it a try
I am as I mentioned Broken, I only manage to walk about five meters with a zimmer frame and some days I cant even manage that but I know I need to keep myself as well   as possible and I urge anyone reading this to consider looking at the  One You website

Thursday, 23 March 2017

Preparation for the summer season in Thanet

I imagine at every seaside resort around the country businesses are all looking forward to the fast approaching summer season. The days are getting longer, I heard somewhere on the radio I thing day length grows at half an hour a week this time of the year. I could Google it but it sounds about right and I am noticing the days are getting longer and the mornings are brighter so if I am a few minutes out who cares Summer is on it's way. My son in law base been painting his cafe and we went to Ramsgate earlier this week and the boating pool cafe were checking the boats over and refilling the pool.
All around the Island shops and cafes bars and boutique' s are sprucing up for the fast approaching summer season. Easter is just a few weeks away and that will kick start the influx of visitors. Margate has seen somewhat of a renaissance and people are taking winter breaks but the real visitors come when the summer is here. Personally I have always preferred the winters in Thanet it is quieter without all of those visitors but without them nobody earns a living. The tourist industry is what brings in the money for so many here in Thanet. Since the Turner contemporary opened Thanet is not so quiet during the winter months. The growing Artistic community here in Thanet has been responsible for year round visitors and with visitors numbers being  more consistent other shops have begun to open. This in turn has led to more people moving to the area drawn by property prices that are attractive to people eager for a better life style living by the sea and sand.
Thanet house prices have risen in recent years but people moving out of London to live by the sea are snapping up homes and businesses here at a fraction of what they would have to fork out in the capital.