Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Westbrook to Westgate's West Bay and back wheelchair walking

After the heat of the last few days we had not managed to get out and I was going stir crazy. So today we decided on a walk along the prom. We parked in Barnes Car Park at Westbrook and I was immediately talking to someone.Parked next to us was a taxi with a wheelchair ramp so I had to be nosy and got a tour of it. We then set off along towards Westgate on Sea. Of course I spoke to everybody and even spoke to their dog if they had one. I took photos of anything that caught my eye such as workers  repairing the Prom and people in the beach huts. We eventually got to West Bay and at the cafe we joined several others eating and drinking on the prom . I spoke to some Motorcyclists who were on a day trip from Dartford as well as several locals all enjoying the sunshine. My Sausage Sandwich arrived and shut me up. The bread was thick and seedy and the coffee was blooming good so West Bay cafe got my thumbs up. We walked back happy and full up, a nice couple of hours spent along Thanets beautiful beaches wheelchair walking.
Hard at work

Hanging around

I have got my eye on you


Convertible Morris 1000

Fifty Three years old

Beach Huts at Westgate

take your rubbish home with you

Beach Within Reach for disabled. I have used one of these !

West Bay Cafe

I offered to eat someones for them, they said no 😁

Monday, 19 June 2017

Margate Beach is Sunday Times Best Town Beach 2017

I copied this from The Sunday Times Twitter Account

Margate Bay beach is our best town beach for 2017, find out about the other top contenders

Hamlet on the Beach Margate 8th July

 Changeling Theatre are performing on the beach at Margate Main Sands, here on 8th July, details on our website CHANGELING THEATRE
 That one for the diary head on over and book tickets from Margate Winter Gardens  or CHANGELING THEATRE

Bob Dylans Lyrics mess with my brain

Train wheels runnin' through the back of my memory,
When I ran on the hilltop following a pack of wild geese.
Someday, everything is gonna be smooth like a rhapsody
When I paint my masterpiece.

They are lyrics written by Bob Dylan when I was about 16 years old, they come from  When I paint my masterpiece. I am sitting here listening to The Band sing songs from my youth. I am 45 years older now and wondering how the heck did I get to be 61. Dylan is now is his 76th year and I expect he is wondering how he made made it, it is a human frailty we are all to busy living that time flies by. Today I have been a little Melancholy and I have been singing along and to do that I have had to google the lyrics. Now Dylan has had people pore over his lyrics for years looking for hidden meanings I Googled some of the lyrics and there is loads of stuff written, I read a couple of articles but decided life is to short to worry about what he may or may not have meant, but I had to mention the above lyrics from  When I paint my masterpiece. I have been getting a little nostalgic of late and earlier today I wrote about two words from a TV program I had watched three years ago. Google is after all the font of all knowledge and I managed to find the programmes write up from remembering those two words!
Dylans lyrics about Train wheels running through the back of my memory seemed escpecially poignant today. My memories have been stirred shaken and tipped out for all to see listening to The Band. Some of their tracks have or were an accompaniment to my formative years and sitting down singing  along I can feel that train running through the back of my memory. Most of those memories are of people who are no longer on this earth and those that are still with us I haven't seen for so many years they may well be dead for all I know.
Memories of a misspent youth are currently flooding me and all I can do is smile and remember fondly those times long long ago, here is a Youtube Video of the Band singing the song.

Artgate at Turner Contemporary

May 25
Join our Young Art Leaders & artists 8th July for a day of Art, dance, crafts & site installations.