Saturday, 23 April 2016

End of an Era closing this blog

I have decided this blog has run its course and I am concentrating my efforts on my other blog Disabled Don thanks to all of my visitors over the years. Don XXX

Thursday, 21 April 2016

First Swallow Spotted

The week has flown by
I know lots of other people have spotted their first Swallow days ago but I have only just seen my first one sweeping over fields of Rapeseed near Garlinge. Checking the font of all knowledge Google someone in Shetland reported one on the 8th a full nine days before mine. My garden has been full of testosterone filled birds but none have taken residence in the nest boxes.Still its early yet. View other sky pictures at SKYWATCH FRIDAY
Blue Sky Yellow Field

Saint James Church

Tuesday, 19 April 2016

I have MS but MS hasn't got me

I have had MS for over twenty years now and fight it every step of its destructive way. I found this video clip earlier on youtube and thought  I would share it with the world.

It is beer o'clock in Margate

It is our sons day off and he has done all the things on his list and he has even bought himself a new jacket. After taking his mum shopping and a visit to the gym he has decided to reward himself with a walk into #Margate and get a pint at The Two Halves micro pub on Marine Drive. The pub overlooks the harbour and when he texts me a picture I will post it. Margate is bathed in warm sunshine today

Sunset at Margate

Monday, 18 April 2016

EU referendum who do you believe?

I am in a quandary over which way to vote. Each day is different today I listened to  the in campaign and the brexit bunch made no plausible answer to the report we will be worse off. All the seemed to say was you will still be able to buy your BMW and Brie. What the failed to convince me was would the German' s still be buying stuff made here in the United kingdom. I don't want a BMW maybe a Mercedes but I couldn't bring myself to own a BMW. I am now watching Michael Gove on TV tell me I should vote for out and to be honest I cant stand Gove and would vote to stay in just because he thinks we will be better off out.
The out campaign seem to forget we have to sell stuff not import, their idea is we will still be able to buy from Europe were we NEED to sell into Europe. Now they are saying the migrant crises were caused by the EU. Maybe Syria Libya and the countless other crisis around the world do not exist in the eyes of Brexiteers.