Monday, 20 April 2015

Sun Sea and Sandcastles at Margate

Ross Andrews Dreamland Sand Art

Ross Andrews #loveourbeaches sand art Kingsgate
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It is a beautiful sunny morning here in Margate. My middle Grandson goes back to school tomorrow and is off to the beach at Botany Bay. I know technically Botany Bay is in Broadstairs but I always class it as being in Margate it's one of those geographic anomalies, one side of the road being in one town and the other classed as a different town. So I say Margate but others correctly say Broadstairs. Botany Bay is a wonderful Sandy cove with chalk cliffs caves a ruined castle and free standing chalk stack. For a child it is an adventure playground. Sandcastles and sunshine. Thanet has something like twenty six miles of sand covered beaches.I have lived here for thirty years and Thanets beaches have been the playground for me and my family, fossil hunting fishing sunbathing swimming and of course sandcastles. As a family we have had so much fun on the beach all year round. Beaches are like a magnet they draw you down to the waters edge and it doesn't matter what the weather is like. I love being by the sea anytime and Thanet with over twenty miles of sand covered
Some of Ross Andrews Sand Art

Sunrise on Easter Sunday

Sandy Feet
 beaches bays and coves there is space for everyone. Come visit soon. For ideas and imformation VISIT THANET WEBSITE HAS TOURIST IMFORMATION AND LOCATIONS

Friday, 17 April 2015

BBC still showing UKIP with only one seat

I have just been watching the BBC news and the results and options of a hung parliament. I like it when they come to the UKIP reult and they show them to have taken only one seat. I dont want UKIP here in Thanet and seeing as they currently have two or rather they did have two seats before parliament was dissolved, so either those two seats are lost and they win another somewhere or heavens forbid Nigel Farrage gets into Thanet South. I am sure the people of Thanet will not elect him, he is a toxic racist who will divide and never heal this wonderful nation.

Farrage spotted alas not in Thanet South

As the election draws ever closer one might be forgiven for thinking the Ukip leader would spend more time in Thanet but no the only way the good people of Thanet can spot him is on television. I am no lover of the type of pub politics Nigel Farrage is famous for. Racism after a few pints will seem attractive but when the beer wears off and stops talking people tend to realise it's just talk. The good people of Thanet South will I hope see the toxic policies for what they are, beacons for the bar room lawyers the closet racists and the types who long for the days of Empire when little britain ruled the world. I must remind those who still long for Empire that Queen Victoria is long dead and that we keep steam trains in museums because the world has moved on.

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Peter Gordon Thanet Author and All round good guy

Peter Gordon

Hi everyone!

      Before I start I just want to say what a privilege it is for me being given the opportunity to write a guest blog entry!
      My name is Peter Gordon and I am the author of the DI Daniel Fox series. The first of the series entitled, 'From A Distance', is available to pre-order on Amazon Kindle, priced at just £1.99. The book has already overwhelmed my expectations with sales registering in the United Kingdom, Australia and the United States! The DI Fox series falls under the genre of crime thrillers with DI Fox and his team solving serious crimes that occur in our very own Thanet!
      I have lived in Thanet since the age of 4 and attended Cliftonville Primary School before going to Chatham House Grammar School. From there I was caught by the buzz of London, attending the University of Greenwich reading Primary Education. After graduating I returned to Thanet and have been a primary school teacher in the local area for the past two years and am loving it!
      I have been an avid fan of the crime thriller genre for years, enjoying the classics - Agatha Christie, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and the much ignored John Dickson Carr, before moving on to devour the modern delights of Peter James, Mark Billingham, MJ Arlidge and many others! Interesting note - best-selling author Peter James has personally pre-ordered his copy of 'From A Distance'.
      The reason for locating the series in Thanet was a no-brainer! Thanet is beautiful with many unexplored places that have been crying out for recognition! This book features the village of Minster, Margate, Ramsgate and Broadstairs (the home of DI Fox!). I have walked the routes that my characters have walked and I'm sure that many of you out there will have done too!
      The main character so to speak of the story is introduced really as 'The Watcher.' This character has the important task of opening and closing the book. The thoughts of this character make up a good chunk of the book, allowing the reader to have more knowledge than DI Fox and his team for the majority of the story. He is the 'villain' of the story so to speak. He becomes infatuated with different women, following them, photographing them before eventually taking them.
      For those of you who haven't had the opportunity to check out the blurb, here it is for you to enjoy:
The first in a gripping new series set in the South East of England.
Someone is watching Sophie Brown.
The Watcher has been following her for weeks, photographing her every move, forming a relationship with her in their mind.
When the Watcher sees Sophie Brown out with another man, he snaps, abducting her, convinced that he can make her love him.
Detective Inspector Daniel Fox is a man who has suffered personally for the sake of his career. He and his team are tasked with the responsibility of finding Sophie and bringing her home.
As the investigation progresses it becomes clear to DI Fox that the Watcher has been playing a game with the Police and is always one step ahead.
With the pressure growing on DI Fox, one question remains; Can he stop the Watcher?

      I have begun writing and planning the second in the DI Fox series and have enjoyed picking up where I left off with the characters that remain. One of the things that I have tried to include with 'From A Distance', apart from having a good main story, is to provide good back stories and sub plots for readers to enjoy alongside the main action. This has allowed me to carry these forward for the sequel. 
      Hopefully people will enjoy the familiar world that I have created and not only want to read more from this series but also want to recommend to their friends and family. Even if you don't have a Kindle you can download the free app on smart phones and tablets and enjoy the wonders of Kindle without having to fully own one! The release date for the book is Friday 22nd May 2015. If you have pre-ordered like many have already, it will automatically download to your device at midnight for you to begin enjoying when you wake up!
      You can follow me on Twitter - @PeterGordonUK and you can also following the book series on Facebook - DI Daniel Fox Series. Here you will get to see reviews, news and much more!
      Finally before I sign off, I would like to thank Don Wood for his support of 'From A Distance'. I appreciate his effort and everything he does for the local area!
      Thank you and happy reading!
      Peter Gordon