Monday, 30 March 2015

Wonderful Dreamland images

Book your tickets to Dreamland here  Putting the heart back into Margate

No 60 Gifts and Things Margate High Street Old Town Chocolate Festival

I discovered No 60 Gifts and Things because of Twitter and the Margate Chocolate Festival I wont say much the pictures have all the information. CLICK TO ENLARGE

No 60 Gifts and Things   
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Keep Ukip out of Thanet vote for Labour's Will Scobie

Thanet has unwittingly become the centre of the political world for the next few days, 38 and counting to be precise. UKIP and its leader a disgruntled former Torie Nigel Farrage will be in every newspaper and on television and radio's near you. My personal preference is that the people keep Farrage out of Thanet whilst some of the sound bites one hears may sound good, when it comes down to the actual reality they are just that bites out of immigrants jobs and Europe and anything else that will become headlines before being discarded as wrapping to chips from the chippie. I cannot vote in Thanet South if I could I would vote for Will Scobie. I have known Will for several years and he is a local. He lives in Garlinge and you cant get much more local than that. He is a very good local Councillor and whenever I have needed to contact him he was there at the end of a phone or responding ASAP via email.  so VOTE LABOUR IN THANET SOUTH. I must say I try as a rule not to make this blog political but I feel strongly about keeping UKIP out of Thanet and make no apologies for this and other posts

Saturday, 28 March 2015

Dont Drop your iPhone

Drama here this morning. Our daughter has said for months "Dad if I come round will you help me take the photo's off the phone" For months I have said yes of course I will. Last night we got a call the phones died I have lost all of the pictures from here there and everywhere else. Woe is me et cetera et cetera. I am having a lay in today watching the last bit of qualifying and I get call telling me that its come back on and to get up we are doing it NOW. So up I gets or rather Heather gets me up and I get downstairs missing Lewis Hamilton Q3 and all the drama in the rain and am confronted with an iPhone that looks like it came second in the lets smash our mobile phone to bits contest. THE SCREEN IS IN SHARDS OF GLASS THE CASE IS IN BITS and me with the worst hand eye coordination in the world (thanks MS) trying to get the pictures off the phone.
The screen kept disappearing the computer didn't want to find the phone, it was fun but I would rather have watched the end of qualifying. The moral to this story is this. DONT DROP YOUR iPHONE. I searched for a picture of an iphone with a broken screen I only got ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTEEN MILLION RESULTS. 

Image result for smashed iphone screen
picture off google there are lots of broken phones

Friday, 27 March 2015

Dreamland Margate tickets go on sale

People camping were out hours before the tickets became available just to be involved in the unique  and historic reopening of Dreamland Margates very own :- GreatBritish seaside amusement experience. It is another development to bring the regeneration together and something else for visitors to enjoy. Margates Turner  Contemporary Art Gallery brings hundreds of thousands of people into the town and Dreamland is another attraction to draw tourists into Thanet. CLICK HERE TO FIND OUT MORE ABOUT GETTING TICKETS FOR DREAMLAND

Ross Andrews has been busy on Margates wonderful sandy beaches doing some of his fantastic sand art to commemorate the tickets becoming available. Visit Ross's SANDATTRACTION website